Which Type of Appraisal Do I Need?

You want to get insurance on you older car or classic and the insurance company tells you need to have your vehicle appraised to establish the current market value.
Appraisal Type: Stated Value

You have a custom or modified car, truck, boat or motorcycle that you are buying, selling, insuring or financing
Appraisal Type: Stated Value

A vehicle that you are buying or selling, are trying to place a value in an estate issue, divorce or valuation needed by a court to establish a fair market value for a vehicle.
Appraisal Type: Stated Value

You have just experienced a total loss on your vehicle, wrecked and not repairable, burned or has been stolen and stripped or not recovered.  
Appraisal Type: Actual Cash Value

You have had an accident and your car was damaged. Even though your vehicle is repaired, the vehicle may now have a diminished value because of the accident history that is now attached to that vehicle. We come to inspect the vehicle after it has been repaired. We go over your repair documents, look over the vehicle for signs of repair work (just like the car dealers do when you go to trade in) and list any items we see which make the repairs obvious and note items the body shop may have missed in the repair process, taking photos as necessary. We compile a diminished value report for you to give to your insurance company. Most insurance companies recognize the loss of value and pay reasonable claims accordingly.  
Appraisal Type: Diminished Value

You are trying to get a title to your vehicle and the Department of Motor Vehicles tells you need an appraisal to complete the process. This is usually done for vehicles when the title is lost or misplaced. We have the necessary documents and come to you to appraise your vehicle to continue the Bonded Title process.  
Appraisal Type: Bonded Title

Do I need to bring my vehicle to you for inspection?
No, our professional appraisers come to wherever your vehicle is located.
Are your appraisal reports accepted?
Yes! We are recognized by major insurance companies and lending institutions.
How long does it take to schedule and get my appraisal report?
Generally, we schedule inspections in less than 48 hours. The length of time to prepare the report may vary, depending on the complexity but can usually be completed with 2-3 working days. Special rush orders can often be accommodated.

Are you licensed?
No, there is no specialized license offered for vehicle appraisers.
Do you work weekend or after-hour appraisals?
Weekend morning or after hours inspections can be arranged if needed. There must be adequate daylight for photos.