Vehicle Valuation is Accomplished in Four Phases:
1. Conference and Inspection
2. Research and Analysis
3. Review of Findings
4. Preparation of Written Report
After an initial phone conference with an appraiser, an appraiser will arrange a time to inspect the vehicle at the site where the vehicle is located.  There are certain circumstances where a physical inspection of the vehicle cannot be conducted. In such situations, an “abstract” appraisal report may be appropriate.

The appraiser will document the vehicle for equipment, upgrades, and interior and exterior cosmetic condition. Several photos are taken and chronicled for the report.

Research and review is done at one of our offices where value guides, comparables, and auction results (when applicable) are obtained and reviewed along with any documentation and information on the subject vehicle that has been provided to us. Our objective is to collect all relevant information about the unit and obtain all pertinent background information including a vehicle history and past service and maintenance records.  In addition to the overall condition, upgrades and betterment, further considerations include current economic outlook, and availability and demand at the marketplace.
A valuation is determined and a complete and concise appraisal report is written. All material, including text, photos, reference and research are assembled and the client is provided with two complete copies and/or a disk upon request.